Best Movies With Huge Fan Bases

Best Movies With Huge Fan Bases

Do you agree that the movie is one of the interesting things to see? Yes, many people like to watch a movie. We can watch a movie in many places such as in cinemas, at home and many others. Although people have their own desire in watching the movie, some movies with huge fan bases attract more attention. Thus, more people started to get curious and wishing to watch it.

Best Movies With Huge Fan Bases

The fan bases mean that the producer and the actor are professional and good actors. Therefore, many people appreciate them. However, in order to get huge fans, the actor and the producer should work hard. It was not an easy job. Then, this article will show you some of the movies with huge fan bases that you never expect.

1 The Hunger Games

The first movie that has huge fan bases is the hunger games. The actor of the hunger games is Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson. You may expect that the hunger games can be a famous movie because all of the actors are good actors. The hunger games have some series and all of the series are famous.

However, this genre of this movie is fantasy but it was covered with the best story and actors. Therefore, many people interested in watching the hunger games.

2 The Twilight Saga

Who didn’t know the Twilight series? This movie is one of the famous movies that are interested to see. This movie has a fantasy romance genre that tells about the vampire namely Edward Cullen. Edward met a teen girl namely Bella. Their love story is full of problems and obstacles. The twilight movie has some series that are a twilight saga, breaking down, new moon, and eclipse.

3 Shrek

Different from the previous movie with a huge fan base, Shrek is an animation movie that has a monster as the main character. Even though Shrek is just an animation movie, Shrek has a unique story that makes people interested to watch. Not only the story but Shrek also provides the best animation graphic computer. This movie becomes famous all age including adults.

4 Jurassic Park

The next position as the movie with a huge fan base is Jurassic Park. It is not surprised when Jurassic park becomes one of the famous movies around people. Jurassic Park has many things that can make it becomes a good and interesting movie.

This movie has an action genre that tells about a journey to Jurassic Park. The story of Jurassic park makes it very recommended to watch. Not only the story but the graphics of the Jurassic park also glad to watch. It provides science and fantasy in one movie, but it doesn’t seem strange at all. you need to watch this movie.

Those are the explanation about some movies with huge fan bases. All of them are good movies and meaningful movie. Therefore, you need to watch that series of movies. Thank you for reading and see you in the next article.

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