7 Magazine For Photography You Should Know

Photography can be learned from various sources. Especially the internet. But with so much information that is available by the internet important data is not easy to find. And the magazine is here to answer the problem. A magazine for photography summarizes selected information and presents it in one place. So there is no need to gather the information that is spread out.

1. Exposure Magazine

The largest photography community in Southeast Asia since 2008 formed Exposure Magazine. This is a magazine for photography. They publish this magazine every month in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. Apart from that, if you like to print, you can print it for free too.

The language used by this magazine almost entirely uses Indonesian. But in some rubrics, some use bilingual: 3 languages ‚Äč‚Äčnamely English and Indonesian. If you are lazy to download the magazine in PDF format, you can visit the website which also updates about photography.

2. The Light Magazine

Anyone can get a copy of The Light for free. Each issue of The Light features at least 5 specializations in photography, such as advertising photography, fashion photography, landscape & architectural photography, journalistic & sports photography, human interest photography, pre-wedding photography, and fine art photography.

The Light is the only photography magazine in Indonesia that features so many specialties in photography in each edition.

3. BLUR Magazine

BLUR Magazine is an international standard online magazine for photography. Founded in 2007 to promote creative photography. CREATUS Photography Association (F.U.C. *), a non-profit organization founded in 2009 in Croatia, publishes BLUR.

4. BEAT Magazine

The beat is a magazine aimed at the younger generation where the contents show various photo projects. Publish once a month. Beat provides a question and answers column about photography. The four great people behind the creation of this magazine are SandroAsatiani, Kate Lomidze, Nata Sopromadze, and Maka Kukulava.

5. UYW Magazine

UYW stands for Unless You Will, a photo-based journal. Heidi Romano founded this magazine, intending to summarize the results of stunning photographs from world photographers. Then show it to the public. Every month it always updates with various themes.

6. Romka Magazine

Romka is a collection of photo albums from all people in the world. Besides containing a variety of photos, there is also a story behind the photo. Anyone can share photos in this magazine, both amateurs, and professional photographers. Founded by Joscha Bruckert since 2008. Romka has published more than 300 photos from 45 countries that you can see on her archived website.

7. National Geographic

This is not a magazine specializing in photography, but many photo galleries tell stories there. That’s one of the advantages of National Geographic. In addition to inspiring articles, this magazine also supports photos, stories, interesting synergies with the article. I learned how important it is to make a photo that tells a story plus maybe with a little writing as a description as did the NG magazine.

Self-taught photography learning can be done in various ways. One of which is through an online magazine for photography. Only you need a connection, you can download a variety of references for free about the world of photography. Those are some online photography magazines whose contents are very interesting.

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