Everlasting Teen Movies You Should Watch Again In The Weekend

Everlasting Teen Movies You Should Watch Again In The Weekend

Every day for a teenager is a surprising day. There will always be a new story, a new experience, and a new thing to learn. Some people always smile remembering the foolish and stupidities. However, it was a phase that we have passes. So, we become who we are today. During the process, you must have favorite movies. No matter it is a cheesy love story or anything. Thus, we ask you to flashback by watching these everlasting teen movies you should watch at the weekend.

Everlasting Teen Movies You Should Watch Again In The Weekend

Watching these movies no need to be serious. Just chill and hold your snack. Several movies might illustrate your reality. But some others probably think it is just a drama and an impossible thing to happen. High school or first love silly story is always sweet to remember. Now, be ready to watch this movie again. These are the everlasting teen movies you should watch again:

1. Mean Girls

All about the popular girls’ drama is shown in this movie. Cady, starred by famous Lindsay Lohan, is a new student. Just like the newbie, she tries to make friend but not many who wants to be with her. Until two unpopular students become her friends. But, her new friends give her a task to ruin Karen’s dream to become the Queen. Then, Cady starts her act to be like the popular girls. The story gets more interesting when Cady feels lost her real self.

2. Bring It On

Bring It On might remind you of the spirit of a cheerleader. You will the atmosphere of the crowd again. Also, how competitive among the cheerleader squad. It is all about the tears, laughs, trust, and betrayal of teenage life. Finally, as teenagers, you will appreciate what loyalty is. No matter from your boyfriend or your squad.

3. The Princess Diaries

For some people, this movie might be the “too good to be true” story. Indeed, not all teenager will feel the same way as Mia, starred with Anne Hathaway. She is a shy girl and typically out-of-radar student. Fear to speak in front of public, geek personality, and other things like that. But, since her mother confessed that she is one of the kingdom’s member, her journey begins.

4. A Walk to Remember

Oh baby, tell me about how sweet your love story was. A Walk to Remember will bring you back to feel that moment again. The story is about a popular and rebellious boy, Landon. When he gets injured, he meets a sweet girl, Jamie. Landon promises not to fall in love with Jamie. But, during the time they spend time doing projects, a bond is built. Then, Landon cannot deny anymore that he has a feeling for Jamie.

5. A Cinderella Story

Remember a sweet Hilary Duff? Watch again her acting in A Cinderella Story movie. It might seem like the real Cinderella movie. But the difference is there is no prince charming here. As the climax, the Cinderella will cover her self in the Halloween party.

Everlasting teen movies you should watch really make you won’t move from the sofa. We believe that you want to watch it over and over again. Have fun your weekend!

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