best photography school in the world

5 Best Photography School In The World To Master Your Skill

best photography school in the world

Photography is something that you can learn. Today there are many places that teach you the techniques and things related to it. When you join the institution, like school, you might be completed with theory and references. It helps to boost your skill and knowledge of course. Thus, we recommend you to explore the best photography school in the world here.

The school of photography provides you with classes, courses, seminars, and even direct practice with the professionals. Some schools offer a scholarship, but the rest require tuition fees. But don’t be worry, as long as you apply for the best photography school in the world, you will the best experience ever.

1. Parsons School of Design

Parsons has been the most favorite of art and design school in the United States for every photographer students. Its major studies are about interior design, graphic design, fashion design, and advertising. Photography is a part of fashion and design fields. So, when you learn photography at Parsons, you are not only studying about it. Parsons also offers online study with a certificate. It will be awarded for those who complete the lessons. Talking about the cost, it depends on the course you take. Then, plan from now for your study here.

2. Royal College of Art

Photography is the Royal College of Art (RCA) main course. So, it is a perfect place to get a degree or master of photography here. The environment supports everyone to be an artist. Moreover, the teacher, guest lecturers, and classrooms are prepared for arts and photography very well. RCA is the only art and design institution that offers a Doctor of Philosophy.

3. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Take a deeper understanding of photography techniques here. The school offers you various courses, such as lighting, black and white, film format, fashion photography, and many more. School of the art institute of Chicago has a special program called the Cooperative Education Program. Through this program, everyone is required taking an internship in Chicago and cities around for embracing the experience.

4. Rochester Institute of Technology

Do you want to learn photography using a scientific approach? Then this school is the right answer. But don’t think the courses will full of theory. You focus on the art aspect, then finally you will understand how to attract the market. Every program is designed very interactive. That is why RIT becomes the best photography school in the world.

5. Vevey School of Photography

If you are looking for the best photography school in the world, many people probably recommend this. Vevey school of photography known as an international school that won numerous grants. Vevey school offers various courses, including photography. The students will learn starts with production, sales, and other related things. Located in Switzerland, Vevey school is the oldest photography in Europe, thus its graduates are definitely qualified.

Don’t think twice to improve your skills and knowledge. It is an investment for your future. Get the right education from the best photography school in the world. Your experience will be different and more complete.

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